1.      What is #ThePanhandleGives and when will it take place?

o   Nine days of enhanced charitable giving to support diverse nonprofits in the Texas Panhandleo   November 23 – December 1, 2020

o   www.thepanhandlegives.org 

2.      What are the benefits of participating in #ThePanhandleGives?

o   Organizations have an opportunity to increase their donor bases

o   Nonprofits can use online and social media tools to enhance their public outreach

o   Nonprofits that raise a minimum of $250 can receive amplification funds

o   Increased awareness of your organization and its mission 

3.      How can nonprofits earn amplification dollars?

o   The bonus percentage will be calculated after the total from #ThePanhandleGives has been determined

o   Nonprofits that raise at least $250 will receive a percentage match from the amplification fund

o   The match will be based on the percentage of the total raised for #ThePanhandleGives campaign that was designated for the participating nonprofit and receipted through the Amarillo Area Foundation

        Example:          Total raised by all organizations     $100,000.00

                                 Total raised by organization A        $10,000.00

                                 % of Giving Tuesday total                 10%

                                 Formula       $100,000.00 x 10%= $10,000.00  

Using the scenario above, the following would be true: 

                 Amount of money raised by organization A $10,000

                 Amount of amplification dollars organization A qualified for $10,000

                 Total amount organization A will receive from Amarillo Area Foundation $20,000   

4.      How much of each donation will nonprofits receive?

o   All designated gifts to the nonprofit will be given to the organization net of fees (credit card; platform) plus amplification money at The Panhandle Gives Wrap Up Ceremony

5.     What are the fees from online donations?   per transaction

o   Credit Card:  3% platform fee, 2.2% credit card fee, plus 30 cents = 5.5% + .30 per transaction

o   ACH:  3% platform fee plus $3.00 flat fee = 3% + $3.00 per transaction (minimum amount of donation $100)

6.      Do all donations have to go through the #ThePanhandleGives  website, or can donors also contribute by check or cash?

o   All online donations eligible for Amplification Funds must go through www.thepanhandlegives.org and will receive an automatic thank you receipt

o   Donors may contribute by check, money order, or cash at our TPG sponsoring banks

o   All offline donations will be receipted by the Amarillo Area Foundation 

7.      Can organizations collect cash during #ThePanhandleGives?           

o   Organizations may conduct fundraisers during #ThePanhandleGives that generate cash. Such fundraisers must be communicated with AAF prior to November 23, 2020

o   Amarillo Area Foundation reserves the right to audit bank statements to verify the source of the cash deposit if cash exceeds $10,000

o   Amarillo Area Foundation will request the Currency Transaction Report from the bank for deposits of $10,000 or more 

8.      Is there a limit to the amount that a nonprofit can receive on the #ThePanhandleGives?

o   No 

9.      How and when will nonprofits receive their #ThePanhandleGives donations?

o   Donations will be distributed at the Panhandle Gives WrapUup Ceremony in December 2020

o   Those unable to attend the wrap up ceremony, checks will be mailed

o   Participating AAF fund holders will have donations deposited directly into their fund 

10.      Do nonprofits need to issue thank you letters and tax receipts to their #ThePanhandleGives donors?

o   Amarillo Area Foundation will be responsible for issuing all tax receipts

o   We strongly encourage you to provide prompt and thoughtful thank you’s to each donor 

11.  How does an organization know who has donated and how much they gave?

o   Reports from the platform is provided for each organization to download donor information during and after the campaign in order for the nonprofit to thank the donor 

12.   Who do I contact with questions about #ThePanhandleGives?

o   Christina Pittman:  christina@aaf-hf.org, thepanhandlegives@aaf-hf.org, 806-206-1555