1.   What is #ThePanhandleGives and when will it take place?

o   Nine days of enhanced charitable giving to support diverse nonprofits in the Texas Panhandle

o   November 25 – December 3, 2024

o   www.thepanhandlegives.org 

2.   What are the benefits of participating in #ThePanhandleGives?

o   Organizations have an opportunity to increase their donor bases

o   Nonprofits can use online and social media tools to enhance their public outreach

o   Nonprofits that raise a minimum of $250 can receive Amplification dollars

o   Increased awareness of your organization and its mission 

3.   How can nonprofits earn Amplification dollars?

o   The bonus percentage will be calculated after the total from #ThePanhandleGives has been determined

o   Nonprofits that raise at least $250 will receive a percentage match from the Amplification Fund

o   The match will be based on the percentage of the total raised for The Panhandle Gives campaign that was designated for the participating nonprofit and receipted through the Amarillo Area Foundation


4.   How much of each donation will nonprofits receive?

o   All designated gifts to the nonprofit will be given to that organization plus Amplification dollars earned at the end of The Panhandle Gives campaign

5.   Do all donations have to go through The Panhandle Gives website, or can donors also contribute by check or cash?

o   All online donations eligible for Amplification dollars must go through www.thepanhandlegives.org and will receive an automatic receipt

o   Donors may contribute by check, money order, or cash at our TPG sponsoring banks

o   All offline donations will be receipted by the Amarillo Area Foundation 

6.   Can organizations collect cash during The Panhandle Gives?           

o   Organizations may conduct fundraisers during The Panhandle Gives that generate cash. Such fundraisers must be communicated with AAF before November 20, 2024

o   Amarillo Area Foundation reserves the right to audit bank statements to verify the source of the cash deposit if cash exceeds $10,000

o   Amarillo Area Foundation will request the Currency Transaction Report from the bank for deposits of $10,000 or more 

7.   Is there a limit to the amount that a nonprofit can receive from The Panhandle Gives?

No, there is no limit on how much an organization can receive in total. However, no single organization can receive more than 15% of the Amplification Fund during the campaign

9.   How and when will nonprofits receive their donations from The Panhandle Gives campaign?

o   Donations will be distributed to each nonprofit after the campaign 

o   All nonprofits are encouraged to sign up for automatic deposit from AAF

o   Participating AAF fundholders will have donations deposited directly into their fund 

10.   Do nonprofits need to issue thank you letters and tax receipts to their The Panhandle Gives donors?

o   Amarillo Area Foundation will be responsible for issuing all tax receipts.

o   We strongly encourage you to provide prompt and thoughtful thank you’s to each donor (tax receipt language should not be included in the thank you since they already will have been receipted by AAF)

11.  How does an organization know who has donated and how much they gave?

o   Reports from the platform are provided for each organization to download. Reports include all information the donor provided. If information is missing, it's because the donor chose not to share it. 

12. Who is eligible to participate?

o   Nonprofit Organizations serving constituents in the top 26 Counties of the Texas Panhandle.

o   You can find eligibility requirements here: https://amarilloareafoundation.org/grant-requirements/

13.  Who do I contact with questions about The Panhandle Gives?

o Broc Carter:  broc@aaf-hf.org, 806.376.4521